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Finding the right moving service has never been easier. Search from a variety of moving vendors and find one that fits your moving needs and budget

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Whether you only have a van, or you are a moving company that provides every service from packing to delivery, you can register your services with us.

Why Transboxes?

The most important goal in Transboxes is to provide bilateral service to providers and customers in the field of transportation. Therefore we launched the Transboxes to pursuit of this important goal.

TransBoxes is the bridge between the customers and providers. By searching up or registering your services on Transboxes.nl, you can access the fastest, most reliable and most affordable price for either side of the deal or any other item you need.

Are you looking for a simple way to moving or carry your objects?

Only with a simple search, you can reach the nearest and most cheapest service providers.

Are you considering a way to introduce your service to more customers?

If you are an owner of any kind of business relevant or related to transportation, hauling, forwarding, rent a car, insurance & etc, services and you are thinking about improve it, the best way to introduce you to those who are looking for your service is to register with Transboxes.

Participate and register your business on transboxes.nl will help to people who are searching for your services to find you easy and fast.

Simple and Fast Access

The only thing you need is just one click, then you will quickly receive the information you need. Transboxes brings simplicity to you, and also along with it, speed is our core characteristics. By using the Transboxes, you can easily access the information you need as soon as possible. The overall process is tailored to suit your type of request and search automatically to make the most relevant available information to you. We did our best efforts to make the search process, information reception and registration services very simple that everyone can easily take advantage.

Cost-Effective and Economical

According to the information you are searching for, you will be able to connect with several different items, so you can access the best option by direct contact and comparison of prices and services. Transboxes have always been looking for the goal to give users the most cost-effective and most economical service.

Special Quality

Quality preservation is one of the most important things that Transboxes always care about. In our ethical chart, The best service have a special position. Our support team will not leave you alone at any stage. You can contact us by posting your questions and get your answer as quickly as possible. At the end of each service, you will be asked to give your feedback by rating from 1 to 5. By monitoring these issues, we try to improve and get better step by step.

Cost Estimation

Before start the moving or shipping, get notified of your final cost and then apply. One of the customer’s concerns is to find the best price for moving or shipping. We suggest that you compare several items to choose best one. With this feature, you will be fully aware of the cost, and you will be able to planning better. Also by filtering your request such as distance, type of vehicle and etc, you can reach the best result which you need.


Transboxes is always looking for the best service providers that customers can trust and use their services with full confidence, thus Transboxes give you an opportunity to prove yourself and expand your abilities. We always welcome the cooperation with creative, committed and expertise providers and of course with ethics to committed. So if you have these features and you are looking to improve do not waste time and join Transboxes. Just register your information in a very short time to provide your information and introduce your services as best and as quickly as possible to the customers who are looking for you.